Day 2: Improve Posture and Balance with Vrksasana

Hunching over our laptops and phones all day takes a toll on our posture. We often wake up with stiffness and tension all over our bodies, which can even lead to increased pain in the future.  Practicing simple yoga poses once or twice throughout the day can help stretch out the muscles and improve posture. Vrksasana or tree pose is great for not only strengthening your legs and glutes, but improving overall posture and balance. 

How to:

Start by standing on the mat and look at one spot. Place your hands on your hips and raise your right foot onto your left thigh or shin depending on whatever feels comfortable. Make sure you feel steady and are facing straight. Place your hands with the palms touching each other at your chest. 


  • Improves overall posture
  • Stretches your legs and feet
  • Strengthens your core

While it might be difficult to balance at first, keep at it and you’ll be able to within no time. Tree pose is an amazing way to strengthen different parts of your body and make you stand as tall as a tree. 

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