Day 5: Relax your entire body with Savasana

If you’ve been to a yoga class, you probably know about savasana. The joy of practicing this final pose at the end of a rigorous class is unmatched. People think that corpse pose is just about lying there and doesn’t actually do anything for your body. This is wrong. Corpse pose is a very purposeful end to any yoga session. It promotes deep relaxation for all the muscles in the body, and when coupled with deep breathing, can totally relax you from head to toe. 

How to:

Lie down on your back and separate your legs. Keep your hands a little away from your torso. Release any effort from holding any part of your body in position. Relax every single part of your body; including your face. Breathe naturally but with each breath, imagine your body feeling more and more relaxed. 


  • Calms the nervous system
  • Reduces headaches, fatigue and anxiety
  • Helps lower blood pressure

Savasana is the penultimate pose for relaxation. Imagine all your worries floating away and relaxation seeping through every part of your body as you let go and lie like a corpse.


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