Ritual 1: Practice Affirmations

Welcome to our five-day series of Soulcare!! We're excited to start the week with a foundational tool: Affirmations.

Affirmations are strong tools for reminding yourself of your self-worth and self-value.

What are affirmations?
Consider the idea that you are what you think- what you believe. Consider also that our belief systems, each person’s mindset are ultimately based on what we feed it, how we wire it- and if tended to well, like a garden, it can be a source of strength and confidence and a powerful system to help manifest our intentions and goals.

The word affirmation literally means “to make firm.” It’s a sentence or statement that asserts that something is true. Like a mantra, an affirmation can be repeated either silently or aloud. However, a mantra has no meaning and is meant to settle mental turbulence and transcend the thinking process. An affirmation is meaningful and active programs your patterns of thought, habit, speech, and action.

You can repeat affirmations each morning or evening or throughout the day to help you rewire negative thinking, break patterns of negative thoughts, and build confidence and self-esteem.

Affirmations can be written on post-it notes, in your journal, at your desk, while commuting, etc. You can make affirmations part of your daily life and daily practice. Or you can weave them in and out as you feel connected to using them. There isn’t a “right” timing and frequency. If you are really focused on a goal, we suggest you practice them daily.

How to write affirmations that work

"I am…" "I have," or "I love."
Beginning your affirmation with the words 'I am' makes it effective. It uses language that gives your subconscious senses an authority to follow.

Keep it concise
It is easier to remember something that is short and quick and includes specific words to make it easier for your mind to visualize the outcome.

Affirmations we recommend starting with:

"There is a blessing in everything that happens."
"I fully embrace what is"
"My ego does not control my life."
"I have perfect health in body and mind."
"Every day brings me greater awakening."
"I am powerful, radiant and magnetic."

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