Ritual 5: Restore In a Warm Bath  

There is nothing a long hot bath can’t cure (ok maybe a few things but that’s how much we believe in the ritual of a hot bath).

We all need to bathe- quite literally to release the dirt and grime from our bodies but the ritual of a bath is about a cleanse of all sorts- yes, it cleanses the body but it’s an open invitation to cleanse the mind and your energy.  

Using warm water can ease pain and encourage the body to let go of the stress, tight shoulders, a stiff neck or a sore back and using other elements like candles, essential oils, bath soaks and music can open the door for a world of renewal.

What’s the difference between a bath and a bath ritual again?

Essentially- it’s you, your mindset and your intention. The idea is to create a space that is yours- a space where you want to be- and a space that you can go and clear, cleanse and be.

How to start: 

  1. Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to yourself.
  2. Choose your objects, light candles, incense or play relaxing music.
  3. Fill your tub with warm water- the level is up to you.
  4. Optional: Add in essential oils or scent. (always combine your essential oils with a carrier oil for enhance the scent and minimize irritation to the skin).
    1. Lavender, rose or frankincense- promotes relaxation and calming.
    2. Jasmine, nutmeg and lavender- help to promote sleep.
    3. Marjoram, lavender and lemongrass can together help to soothe sore muscles.
  5. Optional: Add a few handfuls of salt, not table salt, but himalayan pink salt or unrefined salt to help repair damaged cells, stimulate blood flow, and helps to detox the body.
  6. Slip in and enjoy.

Before you slip into your bath and say goodbye to our SoulCare series, know that we are sitting in gratitude for you for participating. To your health and well being .  Xx The Sahajan Team

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