Easy Morning Recipe For Digestion: The Golden Ginger Elixir 

Ayurveda considers the gut and an important pathway to overall wellness and of course glowing skin. While Ayurveda loves fruit, to optimize your digestion, you should eat fruit in the morning after your first glass of warm water to optimize digestion and awaken the digestive fire which is also still waking up.

An elixir is often considered a magical potion for me this is a tasty, amazing way to cleanse and nourish my system.  I like my sweets so the pineapple and orange make this a flavourful way to consume health and goodness.

It calls for warm water so I recommend boiling water first and letting it cool slightly so you can enjoy this drink warm. Boiled water is believed to be easier to digest in Ayurveda and through the boiling process it is believed to gain a quality called “sukshma” (which means penetrating), enabling it to be easily absorbed into the body.  As a recent convert to warm drinks, once you start, you can’t stop because it’s as though you can feel it travelling through our body and giving it a gentle hug.



1 cup fresh pineapple

1 orange, peel removed

1 lemon or lime, peel removed

1tsp turmeric powder

1 tbsp fresh ginger shopped (lessen if too strong)

3 cups of hot water **


a pinch of black pepper to help with turmeric absorption

a pinch of cayenne pepper for a healthy kick and to help with detox (not recommended those for with heat related health issues such a reflux)


Boil water and let cool until warm. Be careful- if you add the boiling water directly, it may cause the top of your blender to blow off. Let it come to a hot/warm temperature.

Place all ingredients into a high powered mixer

Enjoy a 1/2 cup in the morning on an empty stomach.

Have your breakfast about an hour later giving time for this elixir to work its magic.

Store in the fridge to enjoy more in the morning, you can add more hot water to warm it up.

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