Aid Your Digestion This Holiday Season With Ayurveda

Posted by Lisa Mattam on

Cardamom Seeds

When a craving for dessert before dinner hits, chew on cardamom seeds! Not only will it help freshen your breath, but it is an old Ayurvedic trick to help curb sugar cravings when the temptation is high.


Warm Water with Lemon in the Morning

Drinking warm water with lemon helps to kick-start your digestive fire for the day. Your body is fasting while you sleep, so drinking warm water upon waking up help flush your system and reduce bloating! The acid from the lemons stimulated stomach acid product, which will help further to aid bloating and digestion.


Enjoy Ginger Tea After your Meal

Ginger is a powerhouse for digestion! Simply grate some fresh ginger into boiling water and slowly sip after your dinner to help increase easy digestion and reduce bloating so you will have more room for dessert!

Mindful Eating

Have you ever scarfed down a meal in five minutes because you were in a rush? Keep your digestive system running smoothly by breathing in between bites, chewing your food more, feeling your food and listening to your body. Only take what you need on your plate.

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