• Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin

    Use Vitamin C Vitamin C helps to brighten the look of skin, fight free-radicals, and giving you a youthful glow. Our Protective Face Serum is infused with Triphala (meaning three fruits), which has 20x the amount of Vitamin C as a orange.   Hydrate As you wake up in the morning (even before bru... View Post
  • Aid Your Digestion This Holiday Season With Ayurveda

    Cardamom Seeds When a craving for dessert before dinner hits, chew on cardamom seeds! Not only will it help freshen your breath, but it is an old Ayurvedic trick to help curb sugar cravings when the temptation is high.   Warm Water with Lemon in the Morning Drinking warm water with lemon helps ... View Post
  • 5 Easy Ayurvedic Daily Practices

    Tongue Scraping  In Ayurveda, it is important to start your morning with the practice of tongue scraping. Toxins and bacteria live in the mouth area and if we do not remove them, the tongue will reabsorb the toxins into the body. This can cause imbalances that could affect digestion, immunity,... View Post