ESSENTIAL Oil Cleanser
ESSENTIAL Oil Cleanser
ESSENTIAL Oil Cleanser
ESSENTIAL Oil Cleanser

ESSENTIAL Oil Cleanser

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In Ancient India, oils were used for centuries to cleanse skin without stripping away the essential moisture necessary for a healthy complexion. Our rich blend of  Moringa, Squalane, and Rose oils melts through even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, removes daily grime and pollution leaving your skin fresh, clean and glowing.


Moringa Oil: With anti-pollution cleansing benefits, it removes impurities and the daily grime.

Squalane Oil: A natural plant oil with skin-protecting qualities, it helps balance the natural oils of your face for a clear, glowing complexion and acts as an antioxidant to brighte and protect the skin.

Rose Oil: Prized in Ayurveda for its calming properties, this delicately scented oil soothes and moisturizes.



Isoamyl Cocoate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Di‐PPG‐2 Myreth‐10 Adipate, Squalane, Polyglyceryl‐3 Beeswax, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Rose Centifolia Flower Extract, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Lethicin, Tocopherol



With dry hands and face, warm 2-3 pumps between hands and apply to face including eyes. Add warm water and massage as the oil turns into a milky lather that removes makeup, dirt and impurities. Enjoy fresh, clean, glowing skin.

“Melt your makeup into oblivion…and soothe and hydrate your skin...”

Best Health

“Worth obsessing over…this will help protect, soothe and treat your skin...”

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Kerrigan B.
United States United States

Love as always!

My package was shipped quickly and packaged with care! I love knowing I’m putting safe, clean products on my face. My skin is soft and my hormonal acne heals faster than normal!


Facial Oil Cleanser

I absolutely love this oil cleanser. It is gentle, and takes off the makeup and grime really well. It leaves my skin soft and moist after the wash. I use it every night and absolutely am a fan.

Cara B.


I had never used a oil cleanser before so I was a little skeptical at first, but after just a few uses this has cleared up some stubborn acne and helped to even out my skin tone. It even removes waterproof makeup (which I previously had to scrub to get off). I also love the natural scent from the essential oils. Overall very satisfied.

Stephanie S.

Skin is so soft

I love how moisturized my skin feels after washing it. Normally my skin feels dried out when I cleanse my face. The smell is great and it seems to do a nice job getting all my makeup off including my eye makeup.

Nausheen K.

Praise with a query

Your products seems to be very nice and elegant and i am sure customers are satisfied. The only thing which bother me here is that you say its natural and chemical free but your creams, lip balms, cleansers, toner they all contain some sort of chemical either in a form of preservative, emollient or as emulsifying agents. Based on this how still you claim your products are natural? aren't they semi natural and other thing is that there is no concept of creams or toners in Ayurveda. Would really appreciate if you answer my query.


Hi Nausheen, Thank you for your very thoughtful question. Happy to work through them with you. To start, I am the founder and am incredibly committed to the foundations of Ayurveda. I worked with two Ayurvedic doctors from Kerala on the formulations. They determined the active ingredients and the quantities for those actives and I worked with pharmaceutical chemists to create the base that would support it. It was important for me to create products that reflected the fundamentals of Ayurveda but were accessible for women and men to use in their daily lives and delivered the results they were expecting from their skincare. Interestingly, the Ayurvedic doctors that I work with, shared that this too was a trend in India. To answer your more specific questions, we formulate against the EU guidelines for natural which is why we use the natural claim. You are correct that we use preservatives in our products when necessary. I believe there is nothing worse for your skin than a poorly preserved product. The preservative in our Radiance Serum, Eye Cream and our Nourish Face Cream has the trade name Geogard 221. You will see that it is both Eco Cert Certified and considered EWG friendly. A preservative is necessary anytime you mix water and oil and create an emulsion. Imagine making dinner this week, only to leave it out on the counter and eat it next week. While we do use emulsifiers and other ingredients, they are almost exclusively naturally derived from coconuts, rapeseed, etc. Don't be put off by their latin names, we are required to report ingredients by their proper scientific names. To give you further confidence, I want to share that we also retail with Credo Beauty, considered one of the leaders in the clean beauty movement with rigid standards on ingredients. We take our claim of being clean very seriously and would never compromise it...but I also stand for efficacy and safety and believe that we can deliver Ayurveda and its beautiful high performing ingredients in the best way possible. Let me know if I can be of further help and again- thanks for the's important to always have transparency. Warmly- Lisa